Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Lower your heating and cooling costs

A programmable thermostat, used properly, has the potential to lower your heating and cooling costs as much as 10-15%. The most basic way to save money using a programmable thermostat is to set it to a lower temperature during those hours when you are asleep or away from home. Reverse the process in summer to save money on air conditioning.

Set it and forget it

The main thing to remember with a programmable thermostat is to leave it alone once you set it. This is the only way you will establish a pattern of savings and comfort that works for the family's schedule. If ( you ever have to override the thermostat, you can do so without changing your settings-make sure to keep the operating instructions.

Location is important

To function properly, a programmable thermostat should be installed on an interior wall out of direct sunlight, and away from drafts, doorways and windows. It should not be placed near a heat source such as a clothes dryer or stove. And do not place furniture or other obstruction near your thermostat-it needs a free flow of air to operate correctly.

Call Standard Oil for all the facts and professional installation

In order to reap maximum savings from your programmable thermostat, consider a professional installation by Standard Oil. We'll find the ideal location to install your thermostat, and we will show you how to program it. Please contact us today to learn more.