How to Save

Guaranteed Oil Prices
Standard Oil offers a "peace of mind" guarantee for customers worried about the cost of heating oil. Every year we offer our customers the opportunity to secure a guaranteed oil price that will remain constant no matter what happens in the world oil market. Unlike some of our competitors, we have NEVER raised our guaranteed price in response to high oil costs and we never will. View our pledge.

SmartPay Budget Plan
For most customers 70% of their heating expenses are incurred during December, January, and February. But paying for all these deliveries can be tough on the budget. With SmartPay, customers spread their annual heating oil costs over the year and gain the freedom of knowing exactly what to expect.

To calculate payment, Standard Oil estimates a customer's yearly oil consumption (based on previous consumption when possible) and adds in the cost of the annual service contract. Then we divide that amount into eleven equal monthly payments.

SmartPay starts in August and ends in June. In January, your account is reviewed and your SmartPay monthly payment amount is adjusted.*

Each statement indicates the monthly payment as well as the actual balance. And any account with a credit balance, earns 3% interest. That's a better rate than banks offer!

Conservation Tips
These conservation tips are easy to implement and can help improve consumption and oil burning efficiency.

•Install an Automatic Thermostat - An automatic or "setback" thermostat can be preprogrammed to turn down the heat when you're away or asleep and boost the temperature up to a comfortable level when you need it. Studies estimate that proper use of this type of thermostat can cut heating costs significantly, anywhere from 20 to 70 percent!

•Check Heating Ducts - Make sure there are no leaks in your heating ducts. Over the years the ducts can become torn or flattened. If you patch them with duct tape, make sure you check any previously patched areas; old duct tape will become dry and brittle and fall away.

•Close the Damper - If you have a fireplace, remember to close the damper after each use. Leaving the damper open creates a large draft that literally sucks heat out of your home.

•Reverse Ceiling Fans - Reverse the switch on ceiling fans (the switch is generally a small black button on the fan motor.) Since heat naturally rises, reversing the direction of the fan causes air to move upward and force heat back down into the room. If you live in a home with high ceilings, this can be a particularly valuable tip.

•Oil Additives Standard Oil treats its heating oil with special additives to increase the burning efficiency of our oil and protect your heating system investment.
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