The Standard Companies respect your right to privacy.  The Standard Companies do, however, collect personal, non-public, information about you from credit applications, requests for services or equipment and credit reporting agencies. As permitted by law, the Standard Companies may share this information amongst themselves to better service your account and may report your account performance to credit reporting agencies and other similar companies.  We may also disclose very limited information about you to companies that help us market our products or services and other companies contracted by us to provide services to you on our behalf including subcontractors. We may also provide information about you where required by law such as to law enforcement agencies or federal or state regulatory agencies.

To protect your privacy, the Standard Companies will not disclose any non-public information about you to any other outside individuals or companies for any purpose whatsoever.  If our privacy policy changes in the future, the Standard Companies will fully inform you of the policy change and provide you the opportunity to ‘opt-out’ or stop any such disclosures or information sharing by us.

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