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Standard Oil

The Competition
24 Hour Customer Service
Customer service personnel are on-premise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Answering service after normal business hours
3 Service Shifts
While most Standard Oil servicemen start work in the morning, we have some who start very early, and some who start late at night. That way, emergencies can be handled immediately at any hour of the day or night.
Service technicians are "on-call" after hours. That means a customer who calls with an emergency at 4am sometimes has to wait until the morning shift reports to work at 8am.
"No-Heat" Fast Response
Standard Oil almost always responds to "no-heat" calls within 2 hours.
Performance and response times vary widely.
In-House Training Program
Standard Oil conducts on-going in-house training sessions to improve the skills of our technicians. Our apprenticeship program trains our new technicians.
Little, if any, on-going training.
Heating-Related Plumbing Problems Are Covered
Standard Oil service plans cover heating-related plumbing problems. Service technicians are trained to handle them.
Many service plans do not cover heating-related plumbing problems and service technicians are not trained to handle these problems. The customer can be told to "call a plumber."
On-Board Computer Systems
On-board computer systems are installed on all service vans. Service technicians have a complete history of the heating system before they enter a customer's home.
Service technician does not know what the last technician did.
Licensed Service Technicians On Premise For Technical Support
Our office is staffed by 5 licensed service technicians who provide field support and answer customer inquiries.
New Product Testing
New products are tested in our in-house testing facility.
Most new products are not tested.
Liability Insurance Coverage
Over $10,000,000 of liability insurance covers all service-related work.
No statutory requirements.
Oil Additives
All oil is treated with additives that are proven to help prevent sediment formation, inhibit bacteria growth, reduce oil tank corrosion, and improve operating efficiency.
Most oil is untreated.
Standard Oil has been family owned since 1913. The company does not rely on outside financing, which keeps our prices reasonable.
Most other large oil companies have borrowed heavily to finance acquisitions. Prices have been raised to cover financing costs.
Guaranteed Oil Prices
Our Guaranteed Oil Price Plan assures customers of a fixed oil price every year.
Most other large oil companies offer guaranteed oil prices for the first year only. After that, customers are on variable rates for their oil.

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